About Us

We’re transforming an abandoned and neglected city-owned property in south city St. Louis into a healthy neighborhood space to provide low- and no-cost food to the community.

Overhead picture of overgrown city lot

Help Us Go From This

4405 Fyler Avenue has been abandoned since at least 2011 and so overgrown it is near impossible to enter.

In 2015, it was deemed blighted with unanimous consent of the Board of Aldermen.

Since that time, only one offer to purchase it was accepted, and abandoned, while property prices in the neighborhood have skyrocketed.

Due to its size and location, it not ideal for residential, industrial, or commercial investment.

Soil tests = fertile soil, but elevated levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead (like much of STL).

To This

1,200 feet2 of garden beds

700 feet2 of native prairie & play space

400 feet2 of covered community space

22 fruit trees

180 feet2 of berries

270 feet2 of grapes

175 square foot pumpkin patch

Native grasses and flowers throughout


The pandemic has made painfully clear several problems that we feel can be alleviated through this community-based urban farming project.

1. We are constantly digitally connected yet physically isolated, but…

We can intentionally strengthen existing, and create new, communities rooted in the physical natural environment

2. Our food and other systems break down too easily, but…

We can create resilient, self-sufficient local systems

3. Inequitable access to fresh, healthy food, but…

We can strengthen networks of urban farms and food distribution to ensure that everyone has access to low- or no-cost fresh, healthy food

4. Inequitable access to a healthy natural environment, but…

We can help heal our urban environment and mitigate future risks to ensure that everyone has a healthy local natural environment

Help us create a stronger, greener, more equitable St. Louis!